You need to be able to express yourself confidently and articulately 

On the Page and On the Stage 

Discover How with Kelly Epperson and Catherine Johns 

Friday, March 10, 2017 

Whether you want clients, cash, traction and action for your mission/movement, or simply feel the call to share your story because you know it can help people, you need expert guidance. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  •  You’ve dreamed of writing a book for a long, long time (or you realize how important a book could be for you), but you have no idea how to get started, get organized, and stay on task. 
  •  You’ve actually written some pages … but you don’t know how to finish a manuscript, much less publish a book that serves you and your reader. 
  •  You have a message to share with the world … but hold yourself back. 
  •  You know that being an author and a speaker positions you as the go-to person in your field, but you have no clue how to make it happen. 
  •  You yearn to speak with confidence and charisma in a small meeting or on a big stage, but you break out in a sweat at the thought of all those eyes looking at you.
  •  You spend hours and hours at networking events trying to build your business. But each time you come home with a pile of business cards … and no real prospects. 
  •  You know speaking is the number one way to attract new clients … but you don’t know how to craft a compelling talk. Or develop the presence that commands attention. 
  •  You watch other people who do pretty much the same thing you do. They’re making a lot more money … and you wonder what they have that you don’t. 

All you need is a bit of expert guidance and a day devoted to the work.

 Reserve Your Seat for On the Page & On the Stage – just $197 

Kelly Epperson and Catherine Johns will show you how to get your message out. 

  •  Get Seen: Your book is the magnet that draws the right people to you. You are the authority they need. 
  •  Get Heard: Speak with power and poise (and no sweaty palms) so they want what you have to offer. 
  •  Get Results: Turn your position and presence into profits. 

On the Page:

Kelly Epperson is a former IRS agent who ditched the cushy government job to pursue her real passion –writing– and she’s never looked back. Kelly has written 30+ books, some for New York Times bestselling authors, one that sold over 3 million copies. As Book Coach/Editor, she has helped countless clients become authors. Kelly can help YOU get your book written … and published. 

Kelly works with clients (celebrities and future-celebrities) in all professions and industries to create ease and joy around the task of writing. Her specialty is to take you from idea overwhelm to a paint-by-number simple step-by-step way of getting words on the page, all the way to completion. She knows books change lives and the first to change is yours! 

As a speaker, teacher, and mentor, Kelly has received numerous accolades including Female of the Year Over 40 Females Chicago; Founders Award, Go Giver Award and Member of the Year Award Engaging Speakers Chicago. She also writes a weekly newspaper column since 2001 and is a judge for the international Erma Bombeck Essay Competition. 

“Kelly Epperson is an absolutely amazing wordsmith. I am in awe of her talent.” 

 -- Robert Allen, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Billion-Dollar InfoPreneur 

On the Stage:

A one-time wallflower, Catherine Johns developed her powerful presence by learning to hold her own in the boys’ club of broadcasting. It takes a ton of confidence and a way with words to play full-out on the radio with colleagues and callers. As a speaker, she brings the same spirit to her work with real-live, in-the-flesh audiences. Catherine works with entrepreneurs, professionals and coaches who will get more clients, have more impact and make more money with speaking. 

With Catherine’s expert guidance, they develop the skills and the confidence to take their place at the front of the room, whether they’re in a boardroom or on the stage. While Catherine would freely admit she’s a talker, not a writer – she did get her message out on the page. The author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma, Catherine is living proof that you can write, publish and market your book if you have the right help. 

“Catherine completely wows me every time I see her work. She has presence, poise and power from the stage and can teach you to have those things as well." 

-- Larry Winget, Television commentator and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Join Kelly & Catherine for a trajectory-changing day. 

On the Page & On the Stage 

Friday, March 10, 2017 

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

(Registration and Networking begin at 8:30) 

Belvedere Banquets 

1170 West Devon Ave. 

Elk Grove Village, IL 

Reserve Your Seat Today – All-Inclusive $197 

What can you expect? 

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-things-done kind of day. Don’t plan to sit back and.... yawn...and doodle. This is full-on interactive learning and doing! Catherine and Kelly bring the power of presence (and humor) to their work. You’ll bring your questions, your doubts, and yes, even your fears … and they’ll get you feeling comfortable, confident and on fire to get your message out. 

With Kelly, you will discover: 

  • What you must do BEFORE you ever sit down to write 
  • How to banish writer's block for good 
  • How to get organized! And stay organized! 
  • Why it's NOT just about book sales: how you make real $$$ 
  • Trends in the publishing industry today 

With Catherine on the stage, you’ll learn: 

  • How to command a room 
  • How to connect with your audience 
  • How to stay grounded and powerful 
  • The story-telling tip that will make them lean in and listen 
  • Why petting the elephant is crucial to your success on stage 

You’ll leave On the Page & On the Stage with specific strategies to help you write your book and speak your truth so you get the credibility, the exposure, the opportunities – and the business. 

And you’ll be learning from a couple of respected authorities in book-writing and speaking. 

“I’m so grateful for Kelly’s guidance and support. When I hit a mental block working on my book Stressaholic, I knew I needed Kelly. Kelly instantly calmed my chaotic mind and helped me stay focused on my purpose for writing in the first place." 

--Dr. Heidi Hanna, Executive Director, American Institute of Stress New York Times Bestselling Author 

“Catherine Johns is an engaging presenter who provides a great deal of content in an interactive format. She exemplifies everything she teaches! I would strongly recommend any organization hire Catherine to speak on connection and presence. Everyone will walk away having found value in her message." 

--Deborah Hrivnak President of ICF/International Coach Federation-Chicago

Kelly and Catherine have worked with business owners who were just beginning and with big players in several industries. They’re ready to rock their day with you. 

Bring your colleagues and friends. All materials are provided. Lunch is included too, of course. 

Clarity. Confidence. Charisma. 

Go from bundle-of-nerves to inspirational, transformational, and sought-after. When you learn how to communicate from the heart, your bottom line - and your clients - benefit. 

This “master class” gives you exclusive access to Kelly and Catherine for personal coaching that normally only their private clients get to experience. They reveal how to craft a message that engages from the get-go and creates lasting rapport. You’ll learn the secrets to creating constant connection with your readers and your audience. You will get live practice in a safe, nurturing environment with direct on-the-spot feedback. 

Kelly and Catherine are all about process, productivity and profitability. And having fun. 

Make this the year you become an author and a speaker.

“Thank you, Kelly! This is such FUN! Writing is indeed a joy. I never thought I could write, and now I see I can. I never thought I would like it, and now I do.” 

Sharon Eakes, Executive Coach and Coach Trainer, Hope Unlimited, LLC 

"Within 5 minutes of seeing Catherine on stage I knew … she was the real deal! I can still feel her absolute command, confidence and charisma. In fact she is the ONLY one of the scores of speakers who shared the stage that day that I remember. If you're looking for someone to help you create a dynamite stage presence that translates directly to profits, you want to make Catherine your FIRST call."

--Rob Schultz 

What are you waiting for? 

We look forward to unleashing your brilliance - On the Page & On the Stage!